Hard Landscaping

We offer a range of hard landscaping services that cover what you need. Designing your outdoor space and choosing which types of shrubs or plants you want in your garden may seem straightforward, but it’s vital to ensure your hard landscaping is properly in place. Our hard landscaping services is concerned with the heavier parts of landscaping, such as the materials which will form the basis of your outdoor space. Using a wide range of materials, such as gravel, concrete, brick, and stone, we’ll ensure your garden or driveway is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to using long-lasting materials, we regularly install different colors and sizes of brick, rocks, and stone, to create the perfect visual. Whether you want a sweeping gravel drive, a brickwork border for flower beds, bespoke cuts of stone to add a stylish feel to your garden or a glass screen to separate a seating or dining area from the rest of the garden, our experience and knowledge ensures we’re perfectly placed to deliver your project.

With a wide range of materials to choose from, we’ll provide key information and advice so you know which types of materials are most suited to your garden and your project. From there, we’ll source the appropriate supplies, arrange delivery and get to work creating your stunning new garden. As established driveway contractors and hard landscapers, you can trust us to install new driveways, patios, paving, tarmac and decking in your gardens and outdoor spaces


Are you looking for landscaping contractors to create a garden design that you love? If so, then hard landscaping is for you. We can use many different materials to make sure that you get the kind of finish you want and need for your garden, including many types, sizes, and colours of brick.


To help you to create the design of your dreams, we can also use gravel in your garden design. But not only that, we’re driveway contractors too – so we can create a stunning gravel driveway to complement the front of your property.

Rock or Stone

Are you looking for quality materials in your garden design? Our hard landscaping services can take beautiful cuts of rock or stone to create a stylish finish to your design. We can source a wide range of shapes and sizes to do this.


For a really smooth finish in your landscaping, concrete is a great material for you to use. As driveway contractors, we can also provide you with a concrete drive as a safe and secure storage system for your car.


We can also use gorgeous timber within your landscape design. We source many different sizes of timber, to make sure your project is given the best possible finish. Timber sleepers are great for flower beds, and as a feature in your garden.


As leading driveway contractors, we can also use tarmac to create a durable and practical space for your cars. But not only that, tarmac can be used for garden furniture areas. It’s perfect for sloped areas and for areas in which drainage is needed.


Are you looking to create a gorgeous garden design that is modern, stylish, but also very natural? Then you might want to bring glass into the mix. It’s great for screened areas and allows you to blend your home and garden with closed areas.


We can also use a full range of metals within your landscaping project too. Great for finishing touches and fixtures, metals are durable and help you to cut down on maintenance in the future too.

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