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We believe that your garden should be an organic part of your home that fits your style choices and aesthetic perfectly. Regardless of how much space you have or the budget you’re operating with, we can create a gorgeous, welcoming, wonderful area the whole family can enjoy and that you can be proud of. The materials we use and the design choices we make will always accentuate the best features of your property.

Our Services

Looking for something different for your garden or driveway. We have what you are looking for. Choose what you want from below, call us for a FREE Quote and let us do the rest. No job too big or too small. We look forward to hearing from you.


Designing a brand new garden for your property involves the experts in hard landscaping, which is where Landscape And Design come in. Read more…

A professionally constructed deck acts as the perfect feature for your landscaping garden design. Read more…


We know that a driveway is a big project and that you want as little disruption as possible for your home. Read more…

You shouldn’t have to spend your downtime patching and painting, especially when we have the experts who can do that for you. Read more…

Our garden maintenance service keeps your garden looking great, giving you the gift of enjoying the space instead of continually tidying it up! Read more...


You need to have the right Callan landscaping contractors on your side when it comes to installing walls into your garden. Read more…


Designing a brand new garden for your property involves the experts in hard landscaping, which is where Landscape And Design come in. Read more…


Laying down a lawn that has been already made is one of the fastest ways to make your garden look absolutely fantastic. Read more…

If you’re suffering with poor water drainage in your garden, we offer professional drainage solutions to solve that for you. Read more…

A worn out driveway isn’t just unattractive to look at; it can be a hazard to those coming and going from your home. Read more…

If you are looking for the best tree cutting service a part of your Callan landscape and garden design, you need Landscape And Design. Read more…

Patios serve as so much more than just a low maintenance area for your garden to break up the greenery. Read more…

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Bring Your Garden Design Plans To Life

Do you have big ideas for your garden? Perhaps you love the idea of different levels throughout your garden or maybe you want incredible stone sculptures that stand out from the road. You could have a completely specific idea or be totally unsure of where to start. Regardless, we can help to provide you with the friendly expert assistance you need to build your dream Callan garden completely from scratch. When we’re finished you may fall in love with your home all over again.

Elevate Your Garden With Decking

Decking is a great way to add a section to your garden. This can once again be used as the perfect outdoor living space for sharing meals together as a family. You can choose different types of decking with gorgeous orange-brown shades or dark woods that match the furniture you may have chosen. Decking can also be elevated, providing a wonderful place to enjoy the rest of your Callan garden and adding more layers to your landscaping.

Variety Of Stunning Water features

If you want to ensure that your garden makes your neighbours green with envy, we recommend considering an elegant, breathtaking water feature. These come in a variety of different shapes, styles and designs, fitting into any budget. Under the right lighting, they glisten and through the day, they provide a sparkling centerpiece for any area.

Find The Right Driveway For Your Home

Has your driveway seen better days? Perhaps it’s filled with potholes and started to chip at the sides. Maybe it just looks a little old and outdated. Whether you want tarmac, pebble, granite or even a mosaic driveway, we’ll lay down one that looks beautiful as part of your home. Practical too, these driveways can be designed to ensure water runs off the right way and offers a permeable layer is part of your property.

Are you keen to create a wonderful area to enjoy the outdoors? If so, then you need a magnificent patio. Patios are available in different shades, shapes and styles. They can be laid down next to your home or as a completely separate part at the other end of the garden. You can add comfortable furniture, stunning features or set up a complete outdoor kitchen area. If you want to build a patio for this purpose, we’re keen to help and can provide you with a beautiful area that you can cook meals or share drinks with friends through the summer evening.

Love The Garden Nightlife With Lighting


Callan Landscape Gardeners Company

Your garden can be a wonderful place the whole family can enjoy through the day all the way through to the late evening. You just need the right lighting. With great lighting, you can create a whole new aesthetic. If you want to bathe your garden in a beautiful atmospheric glow or create a spectacular nighttime scene outside your home, you’ll love our lighting solutions.

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