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Are You Looking For An Exceptional Multi-purpose Garden Fencing Solution?

Every garden needs a boundary, so instead of relying on a wall around the exterior of your property, why not think about how Landscape And Design can offer you some of the most popular fencing options in Ireland? You shouldn’t have to spend your downtime patching and painting, especially when we have the experts who can do that for you.

Garden fencing isn’t just a way to ensure that your property remains private; they add value to your home while clearly defining the boundaries of your home and land. The best fencing with Landscape And Design will offer security and enhance the look of your home in one fell swoop, so do you really have anything to lose by calling us today? We don’t think so!

How Can Landscape And Design Help You With Your Fencing?

Our fencing is perfect for your home and garden, and with just one conversation with our experts, you can have an idea of the right fencing to enhance your property. Here’s how we can help:

  • Landscape And Design are proud to offer a full material supply, installation and maintenance service for your fencing.
  • Whether you want timber or concrete fencing, we’ve got options that will suit you with no waiting around for an installation date.
  • All of our materials are of the highest quality, so whether you need fencing for your home, business or industrial space, we’ve got the fencing to suit you.
  • We will come out to you, take the specific measurements required and construct your fencing. It’s all tailored to your needs, and it’s all for your convenience.
  • Each of our installation experts has the right experience and background, so you can rest assured that you only have a top-quality professional performing your installation.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that you need to feel secure in your decision to use Landscape And Design for your fencing needs. It’s for this reason we are proud to offer you the following:

Our experience is broad: from residential to commercial fencing; we can help.

  • All of our work is compliant with the necessary health and safety and insurance requirements in Ireland.
  • We don’t cut corners; you can guarantee fully qualified and certified installers on your property who know precisely what they are doing.
  • All of our advice is correct and professional, and we know how to give you what you need for your property.


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