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How Can Landscape And Design Help You With Your Overgrown Trees?

If you are looking for the best tree cutting service a part of your Kilkenny landscape and garden design, you need Landscape And Design. We’re here to help you with the trees in your garden – no matter the size – to ensure that your home and garden is getting the best possible lighting options. Don’t let your trees become a hazard to the public, not when we can ensure that we offer you a professional tree trimming service that is second to none.

Our professional tree cutting team will assess your property, talk you through the options for removal and trimming, and we’ll then give you a quote. Our fantastic tree experts are ready to help you in your garden when the trees require maintenance. We specialise in gardening and landscaping, and trees are a part of that service that we provide. It doesn’t matter whether you need pruning or you need to reduce the height of your trees down, we’ve got the specialists that you can trust on hand to help.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Landscape And Design as the company for your tree trimming needs is the right decision, and our services include:

  • Pruning and lopping unhealthy and dead branches from the trees.
  • Shaping
  • Height Reduction
  • Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Work
  • Deadwood Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Shredding clippings and branches

Our tree trimming experts can work with you to ensure that your garden looks stunning after the removal or trimming of your surrounding trees. Unruly trees don’t look as attractive as well-shaped, healthy ones. You deserve the best, and we can offer:

  • All tree care for arboreal growth, no matter the height
  • All equipment used is state of the art, with the highest quality safety gear used
  • We won’t put a limit on the time that we spend on your trees. We work until the job is done, and done well
  • Our tree trimming service is carried out by qualified and certified experts who can answer any of your tree-related queries.


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